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Last Updated: Wednesday June 09 2010 05:36 GMT

Ore tries out the World Cup dance

Ore learns the Diski Dance

Check out Ore's Diski Dance moves here

As the World Cup approaches you might have a football shirt, a ball and a wall chart ready - but have you learnt the dance?

It's called the Diski Dance and is made up of a series of moves inspired by football - like a kick towards the goal.

The Diski Dance is made up of five key moves called the Juggle, the Header, Table Mountain, Trepa and the Bridge

Ore has been having a go at learning the moves while he's in South Africa.

Tricky Moves

For the Juggle or Teka you have to juggle the ball from left to right, while for Table Mountain you have to flatten your back to keep the ball behind your head.

Ore learns to Diski Dance

Learn to do the World Cup dance!

The Trepa involves flicking the ball from behind your neck over your head and the Bridge is a bit like passing the ball over the left foot with the right foot.