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Last Updated: Tuesday June 08 2010 15:11 GMT

Apple shows off new thinner iPhone 4

Apple boss Steve Jobs shows off the iPhone 4

Tech company Apple has unveiled the latest version of its popular iPhone.

The redesigned gadget looks a lot like the older iPhones, but it has a better display and it's thinner. It also has two cameras, so you can video chat.

Apple boss Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone 4 at a conference in San Francisco in west America.

The device is due to go on sale in the UK at the end of the month. It's thought that it'll cost somewhere between £130 and £210.

Other new features include being able to film in high definition and use more than one app at the same time.

The new iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 will be available in either black or white

For some people the new additions aren't a huge surprise. In April, one of the new iPhones was left in a bar by accident - and found by a blogger, who wrote about the gadget on his website.

The first iPhone was released three years ago and since then several companies have created rival phones. Google brought out the Nexus One earlier this year.

But some experts reckon that the new iPhone might be held back because Apple is stricter than its competitors with what it allows users to do on their devices.