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Last Updated: Tuesday June 08 2010 05:53 GMT

Cat saved after six days up tree

Watch Millie's rescue!

A mischievous cat who spent six days stuck at the top of a 12m tree has finally been rescued.

Tortoiseshell cat Millie got stuck up the tree after running away from another pussy.

Her owners, along with a tree surgeon and the fire brigade, tried using scaffolding to get her down - but she just climbed higher.

Millie was eventually rescued by a scaffolder who climbed up the tree and carried her to safety.

Her owners say she hasn't tried anything like this before, and they're just glad to have her back home in Barnsley, south Yorkshire.

Owner Donna Bracken said: "She never goes out of the house as a rule, it's only in the past week that she's left the house.

"I don't think she'll be going out again."