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Last Updated: Monday June 07 2010 05:26 GMT

'World's ugliest dog' called Miss Ellie dies

Miss Ellie, the 'world's ugliest dog'

A small hairless Chinese Crested dog that was named the world's ugliest canine has died at the age of 17.

Miss Ellie won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest last year, helped by her bug eyes, pimples and droopy tongue.

Rescued when she was seven years old, she lived in the American state of Tennessee with her owner and 13 other rescue dogs.

The date 12 November has been declared 'Miss Ellie Day' in the city of Pigeon Forge, where Miss Ellie lived.

Miss Ellie, the 'world's ugliest dog'
Miss Ellie had been entered for the title again this year

Miss Ellie was used to the limelight - she starred in comedy shows, and appeared on TV and in adverts.

The little dog also helped her owner Dawn raise thousands of pounds to help other rescue animals.

She had been due to take part in the World's Ugliest Dog competition again this year.