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Last Updated: Thursday June 03 2010 07:19 GMT

Big bird sent to bootcamp

The overweight kookaburra

An Australian kookaburra is being sent to birdy bootcamp after becoming too fat to fly.

The bird's weight ballooned after she was fed sausages by people having picnics and barbeques in the park.

Now she's being looked after at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, and is on a special diet and exercise regime to bring her weight back down.

Her trainer says the kookaburra still has about 20 grams to lose before she is ready to be released.

The bird was brought in to the zoo by a Sydney resident who saw her running about being chased by dogs.

At her heaviest the bird weighed 565 grams - that's 40 percent heavier than normal adult kookaburra.