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Last Updated: Thursday June 03 2010 16:05 GMT

Police investigate Cumbria deaths

Watch Sonali's report on the shocking events

Police are trying to work out why a man shot dead 12 people in Cumbria, north-west England, on Wednesday.

Eight people are still in hospital, after one of the worst shootings for years in the UK.

The man who carried out the shootings was a taxi driver called Derrick Bird. He was from the town of Whitehaven.

Many people in the region are in shock at what's happened because the area is usually known for being quiet, friendly and peaceful.

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On Wednesday, police warned people in the area to stay indoors. But in the afternoon, Derrick Bird's body was found in a nearby woodland, so the area was safe again.

He knew some of his victims, but others seem to have been chosen at random.


Around a hundred detectives are now trying to work out what made Derrick Bird do such a terrible thing.

If you are worried about friends or family who live in Cumbria there is a helpline your parents can call to find out more.

The helpline is: 0800 0960095.