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Last Updated: Wednesday June 02 2010 06:04 GMT

Rare baby Giant Anteater born

Baby Giant Anteater at Amazon World Zoo Park

A rare baby Giant Anteater has been born on the Isle of Wight - the first in the UK this year!

The new arrival came to the delight of staff at Amazon World Zoo Park, who have been monitoring mum Kliene for weeks.

The baby will cling to its mother's back for about four months until it is ready to walk, explore and find food on its own.

Keepers say mother and child are both doing very well.

Near threatened

The baby's parents, Ernst and Kliene, came to the zoo from Germany and are part of an international breeding programme.

Giant Anteaters are classed as 'near threatened', so this birth is good news for the unusual looking animal.

There are just over 100 Giant Anteaters in captivity across Europe.

Giant Anteaters are native to Central and South America. They don't have teeth but their tongues can measure up to half a metre long.

They feed mainly on ants and termites, sometimes gobbling up to 30,000 insects in a day.