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Last Updated: Tuesday June 01 2010 09:26 GMT

In pictures: Guatemala storms

Sink hole in Guatemala

Tropical storm Agatha has caused landslides in Central America which have made these huge sink holes.


Up close you can see the size of the hole. More than 100 people have died and thousands have been left homeless.

A broken bridge

Part of this bridge has been swept away by rising water levels. Lots of villages were cut off by floods and landslides.

Upside down car

This car was flipped upside down by the storm. Rescue workers have been trying to find survivors.

Car in a landslide

And this car was buried by a landslide that killed 11 people in Guatemala.

A homeless family

This family have gathered all their belongings under a tree after being left homeless by the storm.

Flooded fields

In these pictures from above you can see how much flooding has happened. A metre of rain fell over the weekend.