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Last Updated: Tuesday June 01 2010 06:01 GMT

Miley Cyrus launches new album

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been in Europe to promote her new record which is called Can't Be Tamed.

The popstar has sold a massive 15 million albums worldwide but has changed her musical style a bit on this one to sound more grown-up.

But the teenager says she hopes it'll still be a big hit with her fans.

She said: "I think that this record shows a different maturity in me... but it also is still me and the people that my fans can relate to."

Her new single which is also called Can't Be Tamed is out on 22 June and the video has already had 12 million hits on the internet.

She added: "This record was good for me... It's almost like a little bit of a therapy, you just get out what you think and what you feel.

"I think this is the most honest record of mine, and I've definitely learned a lot and gone through a lot."

The star is also promoting her latest film, the Disney movie The Last Song, which is in cinemas later this month.