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Last Updated: Tuesday June 08 2010 16:27 GMT

Ore's World Cup diary: Part 1

Ore's world Cup 2010

Ore speaks

I'm out in South Africa, taking Newsround to the centre of the World Cup action. I'm sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here.

"Also, we would totally love to hear from you guys! So send me your questions and predictions using the form on the right and I'll reply to as many as I can."

Ore speaks

TUESDAY 7AM: After a few days in South Africa, Ore's getting he settled in but he just can't wait for the World Cup's opening game on Friday! He's even had special access to see Soccer City stadium...

"It's like being on the blocks of the 100 metres: 'On your marks.. Get set...' then instead of hearing the starting gun, there's an agonisingly long pause!

The World Cup's opening game is almost within touching distance now and basically I feel like a donkey with a juicy World Cup carrot dangling in front off my face that I'm not allowed to bite into yet!

Ore gets into Soccer City!

I just can't wait for kick-off on Friday! Carrots aren't actually my favourite vegetable (it's parsnips... roasted... with gravy) but after visiting into Soccer City, South Africa's centrepiece stadium for the tournament, and seeing an ocean of 94,000 orange seats you could have given me a carrot and I would have eaten it like an ice lolly on a sweltering hot day!

Walking in and around the ground, we got a taste of just what we're in for over the next month and a bit. There was still a bit of work being done in preparation for Friday but when the finishing touches are added I'm sure it will be one of the world's best stadiums.

Ore at the World Cup fan shop

And the pitch looked in perfect condition - I should know..I was allowed to walk on the grass and sit at one of the cameras that will film throughout the World Cup, including the final - amazing! (Keep an eye out for it on this week's Sportsround).

On our way out, we thought we were under attack from the air when various planes and jets nearly shaved off a layer of my hair - they were flying that low.

Planes fly in Rustenburg

For about 20 minutes groups of planes flew in formation, practising loop-the-loops, dips, dives and loads of other cool moves. It had everyone on the ground looking up. If we can look forward to more of that in Friday's opening ceremony then that's just another reason I really want to get this World Cup party started!"


Ore speaks

MONDAY at 12.00pm - Ore is fully accredited for the World Cup and this is his special badge that gets him into the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ore getting accredited for the World Cup 2010
Ore holds up his special reporter's pass to the World Cup and you can see the stadium behind it.

Ore speaks

SUNDAY at 6.25 pm - Newsround's World Cup adventure has begun. The good news is that Ore has arrived, the bad news is that his luggage hasn't!

Where's me stuff?

Ore speaks

SUNDAY at 5pm: Ore sounds like he's pretty excited about his first full day in South Africa, after a very eventful journey all the way from the UK...

"We don't get the first class flight, the hero-like reception or the luxury accommodation with all the trimmings (I know, it's not fair)... but it definitely seems like we've set off on our own World Cup Journey.

Ore goes to South Africa

Just like Fabio Capello's men, we've been building up for this trip for months and I almost have to pinch myself to really believe that I'm here in South Africa, ready to watch the 19th Football World Cup Finals up close.

And like the England's 23 players that arrived in Johannesburg last week, we've already had our fair share of problems too.

It wasn't quite to the scale of the England captain's devastating injury, but oversized luggage at the flight check-in desk forced us into a last-minute panic to re-pack, frantically stuffing clothes and shoes (mostly mine) into different suitcases.

Ore goes to South Africa

Then I was 'lucky' enough to be randomly selected for a full body security scan! I remember reporting on these for Newsround, and there were some people that didn't like the scanners because, well unlike an x-ray let's say they show off a little more of the body than you'd like.

Soon enough, though, we were on the plane and in the air. I think it's fairly well known that I can sleep anywhere and before I knew it the 11 hour flight from London had been and gone and we'd touched down in South Africa.

Ore goes to South Africa

So now, after a day getting used to our surroundings in Johannesburg, you could say - like the England squad - we've got used to performing at altitude.

Tomorrow it's time to do the talking on the pitch and play... literally! We get to visit the 90,000 seat Soccer City Stadium, where the World Cup party kicks off on Friday. I can't wait!"


Ore speaks

SATURDAY 8PM: After a late start Ore's managed to pack his suitcase, get himself to the airport and get checked in...

Ore on board the plane

Ore speaks

FRIDAY 5PM: Ore starts packing up his things and saying his goodbyes to the Newsround office, and to his presenting buddy Sonali. Only one day before he flies to South Africa!

Ore gets ready to go...