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Last Updated: Thursday May 27 2010 14:14 GMT

Kitten survives washer spin cycle

Kimba the kitten

A kitten got itself in a spin when it survived a 30-minute cycle inside a washing machine!

It's thought that Kimba, a fluffy white Persian kitten from Sydney, Australia, climbed in when the door was open and curled up with the dirty clothes.

Her owner, Lindsay Rogers, said he was amazed when he went to get the clean clothes and found Kimba in the machine.

"We could hardly believe our eyes when she emerged, looking like a drowned rat," he said.

"The spin cycle at the end goes really fast and I couldn't believe [she] survived."

A very cold Kimba was rushed to the vets, where she was treated for hypothermia and shock.

She also had her eyes checked out as they were looking red - probably because of the washing powder.

Kimba is doing fine now, but vets said she was lucky to be alive.

"We reckon she's used all of her nine lives," said Mr Rogers.