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Last Updated: Wednesday May 26 2010 13:38 GMT

Otter mystery for wildlife staff

The otter that was found

Staff at a wildlife rescue centre in Scotland have made a surprise discovery!

A six-month-old otter cub named Fyne was found running along a main road a few miles outside of Glencoe.

A passing motorist found her and she was taken to the SSPCA's Wildlife Rescue Centre in nearby Fife.

No-one knows how Fyne got to where she was found but workers at the rescue centre think she has been hand-reared as she's so used to humans.

Colin Seddon who works at the centre said: "Fyne is far too friendly to be a wild otter... We shouldn't be able to get anywhere near her, she always approaches us."

He thinks Fyne's mum may have died and that she was fed and taken care of by a member of the public, but they don't know who.

Back in the wild

Mr Seddon said that it was lucky she was found as she wouldn't have survived for very long by herself in the wild.

Fyne is now doing well, but it will take up to a year before she can be released into the wild.