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Last Updated: Tuesday May 25 2010 14:21 GMT

In pics: Queen's speech marks opening of Parliament

The Queen

The Queen's speech sets out the new government's plans for change over the next year. This one is special because it is just after a General Election.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg

The new Prime Minister David Cameron (on the right) and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg arrive at the Houses of Parliament to listen to the Queen give her speech.


It normally happens once a year and is always full of tradition and colour. Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg stand with other Members of Parliament (MPs).


The speech marks the opening of a new parliamentary session. All the newly elected MPs attend.

Queen and Prince Philip

The Queen does not actually write the speech - it's written for her by the new government. She reads it because she is still the head of state.

Queen and Prince Philip

It's a very formal affair - she wears traditional robes and a crown, and is accompanied by her husband Prince Philip.


The Yeoman of the Guard get ready for the Queen to arrive. They are the Queen's special guards and have a very colourful uniform!

The Queen in a carriage

The Queen makes the journey from Buckingham Palace to the Houses of Parliament in a horse drawn carriage. This is the 56th time she has opened a new government.

Carriage and guards

The Yeoman of the Guard line the route along the way to the Houses of Parliament.


Lots of people wait outside Buckingham Palace to try to catch a glimpse of the Queen!