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Last Updated: Thursday May 27 2010 10:19 GMT

In pics: More of YOUR Olympic mascot designs

Mascot designed by Alice

We asked you to send in your ideas for mascots for the 2012 London Olympics. Alice sent in this British bulldog in front of the Olympic rings.

mascot designed by Tala

This egg-shaped mascot with smiley faces was sent in by Tala.

Mascot designed by Mabli

Mabli drew this cool cat with spiky hair as her version of the mascot.

Mascot designed by Ella aged 10

Ella who's 10 has designed this block character with a smiley face and curly purple arms and legs.

Mascot designed by Amina

Amina has come up with this great idea of a girl holding a British flag. She's using the Olympic rings as massive bracelets!

Mascot designed by Nastya

Nastya has sent in this idea of the perfect Olympics mascot, with a dog and a cat and a heart between them.

Mascot designed by Daisy aged 8

Daisy from London has drawn this brilliant lion!

Mascot designed by Kharli aged 8

Eight-year-old Kharli has sent in this medal winning mascot. He looks like a champion to us!

Mascot designed by Daniel aged 8

Daniel from London has included lots of Olympic torches in his design.

Mascot designed by Jodie aged 8

This super-duper design has been sent in by 8-year-old Jodie. He looks ready to race!

Mascot designed by David aged 8

We love the spotty outfit David's mascot is wearing. The Olympic ring characters are also really cute!


Evan from Durham thinks that Donald the Mouse should be the mascot. We love his Union Jack jumper!


Eight-year-old Miranda has sent us her mascot Bendy Girl. With her stretchy powers we think she'll be a gymnastic star!


Lauren from Devon sent in this smiling face with funky medal hat!


13-year-old Claire wanted her mascot to show how everyone in the Olympic Games is equal.


Lucy from Loughborough designed this jazzy mascot with the Olympic rings as its head!


Nine-year-old Paul has sent in this colourful design. We think with his long arms he'll be a gold medal winner in the javelin throwing!


This crazy mascot was drawn by Matthew from Cumbria. He has called him Ola and given him an amazing curly moustache!


This cool mascot was sent in by 10-year-old Maya. She is called Starlett and represents diversity, stamina, harmony and good sportsmanship. Wow!


Joe from London has turned the Olympic rings into cheering characters! We love their huge smiles!


Got a mascot idea? Take a photo or scan of your design and email it to us at - don't forget to include your name, age and where you're from.

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