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Last Updated: Friday May 21 2010 18:29 GMT

Boy, 12, beats anorexia

12-year-old Taylor talks about what is was like to get over the illness anorexia.

12-year-old talks about anorexia

Taylor, 12, has managed to overcome the illness anorexia.

At first, he went on a diet to lose a few pounds. But then, he soon become obsessed with everything he ate - and became very ill.

"I even thought that if you could smell food up your nose then it got into your stomach," said Taylor.

Taylor lost around half his body weight and ended up in hospital. He spent months getting treatment and says he's now back to normal.

Taylor told Newsround that while he was in hospital he had no energy and couldn't even walk very far without the help of a wheelchair.

He had to be fed from a drip and helped to eat again: "It really was the worst kind of life you can imagine."


When Taylor's grandfather became ill last year Taylor realised he wanted to overcome his illness.

Taylor said: "He couldn't do anything about his illness, but I could."

It has taken Taylor months to start feeling better and put on weight - and he says he would never go back to how he was and he is much happier now.