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Last Updated: Friday May 21 2010 14:55 GMT

Becks' dog sports pink toenails

The Beckham's dog Coco is spotted with pink toenails whilst out for a walk in LA, USA.

British Bulldogs have got a rep for being tough - but it seems the Beckhams are keen to show off their favourite pet's softer side.

Their dog Coco was spotted in Los Angeles in America with pink toenails!

In case you were wondering - they aren't the artwork of Romeo, Cruz or Brooklyn - they are actually clip-on claws to stop scratches and damage.

Coco - whose toenails were snapped during a walk - was a Christmas present from Victoria to her husband David.

Coco might like to know that her owner David also loves pink nails.

Beckham's dog Coco sports pink toenails
Check out Coco's pink toenails!

The footie player was spotted with pink nail varnish on his fingernails when he went to the christening of his friend's baby.