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Last Updated: Friday May 21 2010 12:03 GMT

Shrek gets a star on Walk of Fame

Shrek on the Walk of Fame

Shrek has been given a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. He is the 2408th film celebrity to receive the top honour.

The ogre and the actors who voice the characters in the film turned up to the glitzy ceremony in Los Angeles.

Shrek isn't the only animated character to get a star. Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons are some of the other cartoons to be honoured.

The final Shrek film called Shrek Forever After is coming out in July.

Shrek with Mike Myers
Mike Myers does the voice of Shrek

Mike Myers who voices the green monster said: "It's an out of body experience. It's very odd, it's very great and wonderful."


When he was asked what he'd miss most about playing Shrek he added: "I love the heart that this character has and I love the heart that the filmmakers have put into the entire experience."

The series has made more than £1.3 billion since the first release in 2001.