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Last Updated: Thursday May 20 2010 13:44 GMT

Lifeboat rescues grumpy badger

Badger rescue

A lifeboat was needed to rescue a grumpy badger who got stranded on rocks at a beach in Cornwall.

The animal became trapped after wandering onto a rocky ledge and getting cut off by the sea, which was coming in fast.

But when the rescue team got out of their boat the badger got pretty angry!

Team member Joe Emmett said: "The badger wasn't very happy and didn't seem to be a fan of us or appreciate our services!"

Badger rescue
The badger is brought back safely

He added: "We've rescued dogs before, also the odd dead cow or sheep that were shipping hazards, never a badger."

Once he was caught and put into a cage, the badger calmed down a bit.

And as he wasn't hurt they were soon able to release him back to the safety of the beach.