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Last Updated: Monday May 24 2010 19:18 GMT

In pics: YOUR Olympic mascot designs

Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville - they're the mascots for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Wenlock and Mandeville - the mascots for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

They're pretty cool - but we want to see what you would come up with if you designed the Olympic and Paralympic mascots. We asked Newsround's Ricky to have a go...

Ricky's Olympic mascot design

And this is it! Ricky said he wanted to create something quirky and fun but keep the Olympic theme, with a medal and the blue and red representing the British flag. Can you do better?

Leah and Ore's mascots

Leah and Ore created this one which shows a big Olympic family and the five Olympic rings combined.

Ethan's mascot

This lion was designed by 8-year-old Ethan. Love the GB flag on his top Ethan!

Rhiannon's mascot

This snazzy character was drawn by 12-year-old Rhiannon. He looks really happy to be part of the Olympics!

Abigail's mascot

Abigail from Bolton designed this mascot to represent "a rounder Olympic Games"!

Weronika's design

10-year-old Weronika's mascot is a bird flying in the Olympic rings!

Emily's mascot

Check out Emily's fab star mascot! She's used the British flag and Olympic rings, and given it a cheeky smile!

Emily's mascot

9-year-old Emily has drawn this crazy lion. He's holding the Olympic torch and wearing a pretty stylish top and shorts!

Vicky's mascot

This cool penguin was drawn by Vicky. But Vicky- it's supposed to be the Summer Olympics! That said, it's in the UK and will probably be freezing!

Adila's mascots

These funky characters were drawn by 6-year-old Adila. She's designed a whole set of sporty stars as it would be fun to collect them all!


Draw your design, take a photo or scan of it and email it to us at - don't forget to include your name, age and where you're from.

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