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Last Updated: Thursday May 20 2010 10:36 GMT

PICTURES: Past Olympic mascots

Wenlock and Mandeville, London 2012

London 2012: Two interactive drops of steel called Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots for the next Olympics and Paralympics. But what mascots have past Games had?

Waldi the dog, Munich 1972

Munich, Germany 1972: Waldi the dachshund dog was the first official Olympic mascot. The different colours were chosen to represent the happiness and joy of the Olympics.

Amik the beaver, Athens 1976

Montreal, Canada 1976: Can you tell what it is? No, neither can we. We're told it's a beaver called Amik.

Misha the bear, Moscow 1980

Moscow, Russia 1980: This is Misha the bear, who was designed by a famous Russian children's illustrator called Victor Chizhikov.

Sam the eagle, Los Angeles 1984

Los Angeles, USA 1984: Sam the eagle was designed by the guy behind Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney. A bald eagle is the symbol of the USA.

Hodori the tiger, Seoul 1988

Seoul, South Korea 1988: Hodori the tiger's name was chosen from more than 2,000 suggestions sent in by members of the public.

Cobi the dog, Barcelona 1992

Barcelona, Spain 1992: 20 years after Waldi the dachshund, along came another dog. Cobi even got his own series on Spanish TV.

Izzy, Atlanta USA 1996

Altanta, USA 1996: Izzy the... erm... No-one quite knew what the first computer generated mascot was. So they called it Izzy - short for the question on everyone's lips: What is it?

Phevos and Athena, Athens 2004

Athens, Greece 2004: Phevos (left) and Athena were based on ancient dolls believed to be the first Greek toys. They were named after Greek gods.