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Last Updated: Friday May 21 2010 05:34 GMT

Bieber teams up with reggae star

Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has teamed up with reggae star Sean Kingston for their new track Eenie Meenie.

Sean has had massive hits with Beautiful Girl and Fire Burning, selling six million records since he was signed up three years ago.

He's got together with Justin Bieber whose debut album shot into the top five in the UK and America.

Sean told Newsround: "We've been friends for a while and our management thought we would work well together."

The reggae star was signed up when he was 16, and released his first record when he was 17, so he know what it's like to be a famous young star like Justin.

He said: "I definitely understand. Everything just takes off so fast.

"There are things you can't do and places you can't go any more."

Sean Kingston
Sean Kingston had his first record when he was 17

Screaming fans

Justin has so many fans there have been times he's had to cancel appearances because of safety.

But Sean says the Canadian singer is still very down to earth.

He told us: "Justin has no ego. His personality is cool. He knows what to say at the right time."

Film buddies

The two of them hung out together in their spare time while they were recording the single Eenie Meenie in Miami in America.

They went to see some films, and Sean says they're just like normal friends.

He added: "I've been to his place and I even know his mum!"

Eenie Meenie is in the shops on 28 June and available for download now.