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Last Updated: Tuesday June 15 2010 06:26 GMT

Are you going to a music festival?

Crowds at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Now Justin Bieber's performed at the first big UK music festival of the summer, we want to know which festivals you're going to this year.

Justin was on the line-up alongside the likes of Cheryl Cole and Dizzee Rascal at Radio 1's Big Weekend in north Wales.

And more children than ever before are going to see live music in the summer with their families. Last year more than 10,000 kids went to Glastonbury alone.

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Your comments

"Next weekend I am going to a music festival. Jedward, The Saturdays, Chipmunk, Diana Vickers, Daisy Dares You, The Hoosiers and many more people are performing there. Hopefully next year when Justin Bieber tours in the UK, I will go to one of his concerts."

Philippa, 13, England

"I went to see Alicia Keys recently. It was absolutely amazing. I adore her and I think she is such an outstanding singer! My mum has also just booked Michael Buble tickets too. I'm so excited!"

Ash, 11, Coventry, England

"I am going to see Justin Bieber! HE IS COMING TO OREGON SOON! I can't wait! My dad will take me!"

Marvin, 6, Oregon, USA

"I am going to see the Jijkaloolas. They are an African group. I am really looking forward to it."

Steven, 6, Tanzania, Africa

"I am going to see the Foo Fighters on Saturday. It's going to be great! I really enjoy concerts."

Harold, 8, Perth, Australia

"My dad took me to see Rage Against The Machine with him on Sunday! It was amazing! We're going to Reading Festival in the summer with my cousins."

James, 10, London, England

"I am going to Glastonbury Festival!"

Phoebe, 11, North Yorkshire, England

"I went to see Summertime Ball yesterday. Loved Justin Bieber. I am his number one fan. I love him so much."

Georgia, 13, Cambridge, England

"I went to the Summertime Ball. It was the best concert ever! My favourites were JLS, Cheryl Cole and Justin Bieber!"

Ally, 15, London, England

"I am going to the Summertime Ball as well!! I can't wait to see JUSTIN BIEBER!!"

Katy, 13, Watford, England

"I'm going to the Summertime Ball too!! I can't WAIT to see Cheryl Cole!!"

Aimee, 13, London, England

"I'm going to the Summertime Ball. I can't wait because JLS, Cheryl Cole, Rhianna and lots of other top stars are going to be there!"

Ally, 14, London, England

"I want to go to one but my mum says I am too young."

Amy, 10, Greater Manchester, England

"I went to Radio 1's Big Weekend, it was AMAZING! JLS were there and Justin Bieber!"

Zoey, 12, Leeds, England

"I can't wait to see JUSTIN BIEBER, it's going to be great!"

Hannie, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"I'm playing in the Under 18s category on my flute and violin in the Aberdeen and north-east music festival."

Emily, 10, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I have never been to a festival but I SO want to. When I am older I want to go to one and see how cool it is!"

Hinna, 13, Woking, England

"Oh, lucky you! I wish it was in France, I would definitely be there!!! Sounds fab, I want to meet Justin Bieber!"

Bethy, 13, Brittany, France

"I'm not going to any festivals but I have been to many before! I went last year and saw JLS."

Bethany, 11, Bradford, England

"I am going to the Capital Summertime Ball 2010 as well as Leona Lewis' Live Tour."

Lucy, 10, Surrey, England

"I am going to Capital FM's Summertime Ball, which has loads of great stars!"

Zara, 13, London, England

"My sister and brother are going to Reading. I wanted to go but my mum thinks I am too young."

Christie, 10, Surrey, England

"I am going to Radio 1's Big Weekend. I can't wait to see Justin Bieber!"

Gemma, 14, Wales

"I am going to Capital's Summertime Ball in London. The acts performing are Rihanna, Usher, Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, JLS, Ke$ha, Dizzee Rascal, Pixie Lott, Jason Derulo, Scouting for Girls, Tinie Tempah and Alexandra Burke! I am looking forward to seeing Cheryl Cole, JLS and Justin Beiber most. I can't wait!"

Alice, 14, London, England

"My mates, my family and I will be going to Radio 1's Big Weekend and Glastonbury."

Jasmin, 11, Leicester, England