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Last Updated: Wednesday May 19 2010 06:18 GMT

New rules for World Cup penalties

Petr Cech saves a penalty

There are going to be new rules on how players can take penalties at the World Cup in South Africa this summer.

They now won't be allowed to stop at the end of their run-up to try to fool the goalkeeper into diving early.

If anyone does it at the World Cup they'll get a yellow card and be made to take the penalty again if they score from it.

It's because the people who make the football rules reckon that it is "unsporting behaviour".

Players will be allowed to pause during the run-up like Ronaldo often does.

But they won't be able to pretend to kick the ball once they've reached it, then kick it in the other direction.

Countries around the world can choose to use the rules in their leagues next season, but It's unlikely to happen in the England or Scotland.