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Last Updated: Friday May 14 2010 05:00 GMT

Lily gets rainforest spider scare

Lily Allen

Lily Allen got a bit of a scare during a recent charity trip to the Brazilian rainforest, when she found a huge spider in her bed.

The popstar was in Brazil as part of a Sky and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) project aimed at saving a billion trees from being chopped down.

She said: "It was really nice to go up to the rainforest even though there was a tarantula in my bed one evening."

The singer dealt with it pretty calmly though - by screaming and running away!

"It was pretty terrifying," she said.

Charity work

Lily's not making any new records at the moment and is having a bit of a career break.

She says that means she's able to do more stuff for charity.

"Now I've got a bit of time I want to concentrate on these things," she said.

The project she's working with is trying to educate local people in the rainforests to show them there are other ways of making a living instead of chopping down trees.