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Last Updated: Thursday May 13 2010 16:06 GMT

Man has 'mind control' robot arm

Christian Kandlbauer

Christian Kandlbauer is the first European to be fitted with a "mind-controlled" robotic arm.

Four years ago the 21-year-old Austrian lost both his arms after being electrocuted.

Now he can control all of the joints in his left prosthetic arm by just thinking about what he wants it to do.

As well as being able to dress himself, doctors say he is the first person in the world to drive a car using a mind-controlled robotic limb.

Medical experts came up with the idea of using nerves that used to control a lost limb, to control a robotic one.

Christian's been the first person to trial the technology which could now be used for people around the world.

Better technology means prosthetic limbs are becoming more real.

Christian Kandlbauer
Christian's new arm means he can live a normal life

They are now lighter, stronger, and look pretty realistic too - but they can be very expensive.

'I am independent'

"I feel very happy," said Christian said. "It is like my earlier arm. I feel that my [prosthetic] arm is a part of my body."

He's now got a job and can start living like an able-bodied person again.

He added: "I am able to do things in my daily life alone, without the help of another person.

"I am independent."