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Last Updated: Wednesday May 12 2010 15:32 GMT

In pics: Prime Minister David Cameron

David and Samantha Cameron outside 10 Downing Street

David Cameron and his wife Samantha wave to the world outside their new home. He's the youngest PM in nearly 200 years.

David Cameron with dog

His full name is David William Duncan Cameron. He was born in London in 1966 - the third out of four children.

David Cameron as a child

Here's the Prime Minister as a child. He was sent to boarding school aged 7.

David Cameron talking to schoolkids

He then went to Eton College, the same place that educated Princes William and Harry, as well as 18 other British Prime Ministers!

David Cameron takes part in a school team-building exercise

His biggest mention in the school magazine came when he sprained his ankle dancing to bagpipes on a school trip to Rome in Italy.

David Cameron and family

Here's the Cameron family out shopping in Portobello Market in London. Sadly, Ivan (on the left) died last year. Mrs Cameron is expecting their fourth child.

David Cameron playing table tennis

He supports Aston Villa, likes watching darts on telly and prefers snooker to pool.

David Cameron eating an ice cream

His favourite music is Bob Dylan and indie rock such as The Killers, The Smiths, Radiohead and Pulp.

David Cameron shakes paws with a dog

He was elected as an MP for the Conservatives in 2001. He represents the constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire.

David Cameron on a dog sled

Dogs pull Mr Cameron along the snow on a sled during a trip to Norway. He went to see the effects of climate change.

David Cameron cycling

When he's not riding sleds, he's a keen cyclist and likes to get on his bike.

David Cameron on a tube train

But he's been known to get the train too!

David Cameron with Leah and Press Packers Arian and Nivar

Newsround was one of his favourite programmes as a kid! Here he is with Leah and Press Packers Arian and Nivar. Looks like he and Leah are wearing matching outfits!