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Last Updated: Wednesday May 12 2010 06:51 GMT

Cameron is new UK Prime Minister

David Cameron and Nick Clegg outside Number 10

Two parties working together

Almost a week after the general election, the country finally has a new Prime Minister - David Cameron.

The Conservative party leader moved into 10 Downing Street on Tuesday evening, after accepting the Queen's request to form a new government.

After days of talks, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats struck a deal to work together.

At last Thursday's election, no party got enough votes to rule outright, resulting in a hung parliament.

He's now hard at work putting together his new government - Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg will be his deputy. Four other Liberal Democrats will get posts in the cabinet.

In his first speech as PM, Mr Cameron said: "Nick Clegg and I are political leaders who want to put aside party differences and work hard for the common good and national interest."

The deal was announced after Gordon Brown resigned on Tuesday evening.

Mr Cameron, 43, is the youngest prime minister for almost 200 years. He's six months younger than Tony Blair was when he got the top job back in 1997.