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Last Updated: Wednesday May 12 2010 06:19 GMT

Who is David Cameron?

David Cameron

David Cameron takes over as PM

He's our new Prime Minister but how much do you really know about David Cameron? This is your cut-out-and-keep special Newsround guide!

• He's 43, was born in London and went to school in Berkshire.

• His family are originally from Scotland and he has some royal blood - he's a direct descendant of King William IV and is a very very distant relative of the Queen.

• David got into politics early on in life working for a Conservative MP when he was 19 before going to university.

• He's the first Conservative Prime Minister for 13 years, and he's been in charge of his party for five years.

• He's the youngest prime minister in nearly 200 years - since Robert Banks Jenkinson, the 2nd Earl of Liverpool took office in 1812.

• He and his wife Samantha have had three children, but their first son Ivan died when he was just six after being born with a rare disease.

• They have another son and daughter and are expecting a fourth child in September.

• David Cameron supports Aston Villa and some of his favourite bands include The Killers, Radiohead and REM.

• He likes jogging and cycling but has had his bicycle stolen a few times!

• And when he was about your age, he says Newsround was one of his favourite programmes. So we'll be hoping to get one his first interviews!