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Last Updated: Monday May 10 2010 17:45 GMT

Bieber 'might' change his hair do

Justin Bieber

Popstar Justin Bieber has told a US magazine that he is open to chopping off his trademark long hair.

The 16-year-old singer said in an email to US Weekly: "In the future I may get bored and change it up."

But don't get too worried if you're a fan of his sweeping fringe and thick tresses - he also said he's "kinda liking the long hair right now".

Justin Bieber's hair cut is famous among fans and it's often a hot topic on Bieber fan message boards.

But it's not just Justin who thinks longer hair is the way to go.

The magazine reckons teenage boys in the USA are paying around £90 for 'The Bieber' hair cut!


Justin Bieber

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