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Last Updated: Monday May 10 2010 15:04 GMT

In pics: Amazing underwater photos

RunnerHighly commended: Spider crab on peacock worm by Cathy Lewis/

These pics were taken for an underwater photography competition, and the Wildlife Trust chose the British and Irish winners. This one is a spider crab on a peacock worm...

Highly commended: Hermit crab by Jim Greenfield/

The Wildlife Trust is trying to get better protection for animals in the sea and around the coasts of the UK.

Highly commended: Flounder (Dorset) by Martin Davies

These photos were taken by adults but they also have a junior branch of the Trust called Wildlife Watch that has 135,000 members. This picture is of a flounder.

Highly commended: Cuttlefish eye (Cornwall) by Dave Peake

Underwater photography is pretty popular in Britain - there's even a society for it called British Society of Underwater Photographers. This pic is of a cuttlefish.

Highly commended: Sea hare (Pembrokeshire) by Robert Bailey

Usually underwater photographers take pictures when they're scuba diving, but you can take them when you're snorkelling or swimming too. Don't forget you need a special camera!

Highly commended: Shanny (Berwickshire) by Helen Wehner

This photo by Helen Wehner is of a shanny which is a small fish that lives in rockpools. "I was able to stick my head under the pool and take some shots in less than two feet of water."

Runner-up: Spider crab by Trevor Rees

Trevor Rees took the runner-up photo of a spider crab.

Winner: Black-faced blenny by Arthur Kingdon

And the winner of the competition was Arthur Kingdon who took this pic of a black-faced blenny.