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Last Updated: Friday May 14 2010 07:52 GMT

What's your favourite book?

Children's books

A list of the 70 best kids' books, according to publishers Puffin, has been released.

It names what it thinks are the top reads for things like, best heroes and best characters. But we want to know what you think?

What books do you like reading? What's your favourite book?

Do you prefer reading factual or fiction books? What sort of characters do you think make the best stories?

Your comments

"I think all of Michael Morpurgo's books are great. But my favourite books are Moonwalk and Dancing the Dream by Michael Jackson!"

Zari, 10, West Midlands, England

"I love the Twilight saga and the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman."

Sophia, 13, Northamptonshire, England

"My favourite books have to be either The Hunger Games or the Harry Potter series! The Hunger Games are brilliant books that are really well written and I strongly recommend them to anyone! I love Harry Potter too, and my favourite is The Deathly Hallows!!!"

Lauren, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I love the book Stonebreaker by Antony Horowitz but I also love all his other books. I think he should get another award."

Emma, 12, East Sussex, England

"I love the Felicity Wishes series of books because I love fairies and magic!"

Tullah, 8, Surrey, England

"I love the My Secret Unicorn series of books because they are so magical and I love ponies!"

Megan, 9, Manchester, England

"My favourite book is probably Wolf by Gillian Cross because you can't put the book down and I love the mystery and suspense surrounding the plot. I really recommend it to anyone my age and under who loves scary, mystery books!"

Olivia, 13, Middlesbrough, England

"I really liked the five Percy Jackson books! And I loved the Inkheart trilogy!"

Aisling, 13, Galway, Ireland

"My favourite book is Miles to Go by Miley Cyrus and The Harry Potter Series By J.K Rowling."

Rebecca, 11, Cumbria, England

"I love reading and I LOVE Jacqueline Wilson's books such as Hetty Feather and Cookie. Right now I am reading My Worst Best Friend by Dyan Sheldon."

Anika, 11, London, England

"My favourite books are the Harry Potter series, the Jennings series and Pride and Prejudice."

Alice, 14, Worcestershire, England

"My favourite book is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith because the story enthrals me and is so realistic."

Hannah, 11, London, England

"My favourite book is The Belgariad series because it is really exciting. I also enjoy Harry Potter."

Edward, 11, Lancashire, England

"I love the Hunger Games as it is so different to other popular children books today. The second book in the series, Catching Fire, is just as good if not better! When the final book, Mockingjay, comes out in August I am definitely reading it. I also like Twilight, Cherub and I used to read Harry Potter!"

Jessica, 12, Essex, England

"My favourite book is the Harry Potter series."

Asalah, 9, Los Angeles, USA

"My favourite book is Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson and also the DOCTOR WHO BOOKS!!"

Amreen, 13, Maidstone, England

"Definitely Twilight or the Vampire Diaries, they are amazing. I also like the Morganville series."

Lauren, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"I love the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. My favourite book in the series is Five go to Demons Rocks!"

Danielle, 10, Manchester, England

"I love the Rainbow Magic series of books, especially as there is a fairy with the same name as me!"

Tia, 7, London, England

"I LOVE Jacqueline Wilson books and my favourite's are Candyfloss and Little Darlings."

Faduma, 11, London, England

"I think the best characters are people the reader can relate to. For example, kids relate to other kids and and older person would relate more to an older person. It is just natural to think like that."

Ella, 11, Hampshire, England

"I love to read Jacqueline Wilson books because they are for my age group."

Louise, 14, Manchester, England

"Definitely Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson or The Princess Diaries."

Chloe, 12, Berkshire, England

"I love the Harry Potter books but I prefer reading factual books because they give you information."

Tia, 14, Surrey, England

"My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I really like it."

Betty, 10, Yorkshire, England

"I like Daisy and the Trouble with Giants. It is fantastic."

Bethany, 10, Norfolk, England

"I love all vampire books. Twilight and the House of Night novels are just a few."

Lauren, 14, Cardiff, Wales

"My fave book would be anything by Darren Shan, all of his books are amazing, especially the Demonata books."

Justine, 11, Co. Louth, Ireland

"For girls, try reading Do Not Read Any Further and the rest of the Finch Penny books by Pat Moon, you won't regret it! They all end on a cliffhanger!"

Katia, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I love all Jacqueline Wilson books! I also like Grace Dent books, they are really good as well!"

Ellie, 12, Sussex, England

"I love the Twilight trilogy, it's really good. I also quite like Sophie McKenzie's books, especially Girl Missing."

Melissa, 13, East Kilbride, Scotland

"The Harry Potter books, with no contest. But I've started reading Percy Jackson, and they're great too!"

Emersine, 14, West Midlands, England

"I DESPERATELY want to be a writer! My fave book is probably The Sight, by David-Clement Davies. It is about a pack of wolves, who get cursed. It is for 12+ but I am a good reader for my age. I only recommend it for really good readers or teenagers, because some people might struggle with the words, and it is VERY sad and quite hard to understand."

Robyn, 11, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I really like Chris Riddel books with Ottoline and Mr Munroe and I like Jacqueline Wilson books as well."

Zofia, 8, East Sussex, England

"I love the Vampire Diaries and Jacqueline Wilson books - also Harry Potter!!"

Yasmin, 11, Leicester, England

"My favourite book is How to Survive at Summer Camp - a great book."

Zoey, 12, Norwich, England

"I like Jeremy Strong's books. They're really funny."

Natalie, 11, Nottingham, England

"Harry Potter, Alex Rider, SpyGirl, Chaos Walking, The Medusa Project and many, many more!"

Hannah, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"I am a bookworm. I have hoards and hoards of books. Though if I have to pick one it would probably be Pollyanna or The Ghosts of Motley Hall - both a bit obscure but great books! I would recommend both."

Bethan, 10, Barnsley, England

"I love the Harry Potter series! I think JK Rowling is the best author in the world."

Jessica, 9, Manchester, England

"I like Goosebumps books."

Laura, 11, Manchester, England

"I love Cathy Cassidy books, J K Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson."

Sadia, 11, Coventry, England

" I love mystery stories and books that give real description. My favourite book is Once by Morris Gleitzman."

Holly, 10, Co. Durham, England

"I really like scary and horror books. My favourite authors are Darren Shan and Anthony Horowitz!!"

Hannah, 12, Leeds, England

"There are loads, but Cirque Du Freak and A Series Of Unfortunate Events are brilliant!!"

Adam, 11, Telford, England

"My favourite book is The Fire Within which is in the Fire series by Chris d'Lacey.

Dan, 11, Harrogate, England

"My favourite book is Kasper, Prince of Cats by Michael Murpurgo. I love this author and I love all his books. My favourite books are about animals and most of his books are about animals."

Amber, 11, Bournemouth, England

"My favourite book is The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. It is a book set about real life situations but my favourite author is Michael Morpurgo and Mitchel Symons. My favourite types of books are books about war and cats and also full of useless but amazing facts that just happen to stick in your head!"

Mary, 12, Scottish Borders, UK

"I love Jacqueline Wilson and her new book Little Darlings!!"

Lauren, 10, Kent, England

"Some of my favourites include Teddy Robinson, The Butterfly Lion and Tracy Beaker. I love books, I just have so many favourites I wouldn't be able to write them all!"

Annalise, 9, Somerset, England

"The Twilight books are definitely my favourites! Jacob is my favourite character. He's always really friendly to everyone. Meanwhile, I'm reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When I was younger I also read the books of Alex Rider."

Catherine, 14, Antwerp, Belgium

"I really like Diary of a Chav by Grace Dent !I also like the Harry Potter books, the Cherub books, and the Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson!!"

Katie, 12, Bracknell, England

"The best book I've read is The Hunger Games Part I. I have got the other one and found it just as good! I have to wait for nearly four months to get the next one! I would REALLY recommend it to anyone interested in getting into a good book!"

Minnie, 13, Bath, England

"HARRY POTTER! It rules. But I also love the CHERUB books as well as The New Keys To The Kingdom series."

Kris, 13, Scotland

"I love all books but I especially love biographies."

Kieran, 14, Cardiff, Wales

"My fave books would probably be by Jacqueline Wilson, J.K Rowling and the Doctor Who books."

Ava, 9, Rotherham, England

"My favourite book is Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson. She is my best author ever!"

Sabrina, 11, Kent, England

"I'm a big fan of Lemony Snicket, Harry Potter and some of the Jacqueline Wilson books. I also love Twilight by Stephanie Meyer!"

Kate, 11, Liverpool, England

"My fave book is Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell."

Emily, 9, Liverpool, England

"My very favourite book is Harry Potter but I also like some Jacqueline Wilson books."

Meyrem, 13, London, England

"I've got so many! I really like Cirque du Freak, The Clique, Alex Rider and many more!"

Rachel, 8, Essex, England

"I'm a really big fan of the Cirque du Freak series by Darren Shan. They're really exciting and scary!"

Serena, 12, Devon, England