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Last Updated: Friday May 07 2010 12:20 GMT

Oil spill hits land off US coast

Oil spill starts to hit land

Oil from the big leak in the Gulf of Mexico has started to wash up on nearby islands in southern America.

Pelicans and other birds covered in oil have been found on the uninhabited Chandeleur islands, which are part of a big national wildlife area.

Meanwhile workers have started lowering a giant funnel over the leaking oil well at the bottom of the sea.

Remote-controlled submarines are being used to lower the 90-tonne box in an operation expected to take two days.

A pod of dolphins swim under the oil spill
A pod of dolphins swim under the oil spill

It will trap the oil and then send it to the surface in pipes so ships can collect it.

But the effects on wildlife in the area are starting to be seen.

Authorities have desperately been trying to stop the oil heading towards land but it's finally starting hit shorelines.