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Last Updated: Monday May 10 2010 07:36 GMT

More talks on who will run the UK

Houses of Parliament

Four days after the country voted in the election it's still not clear who will be in charge of the UK.

The Conservative party are in talks with the Liberal Democrats - but they haven't reached an agreement yet.

The Conservative party, led by David Cameron, got the most votes but not enough to have an overall majority.

It means there is now something called a 'hung parliament' and two of the parties will have to join forces to make laws.

Gordon Brown met with Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sunday to offer talks between Labour and the Liberal Democrats if no agreement is reached with the Conservatives.

If they agree on a deal he would stay the Prime Minister, but he'd have to rely on the Liberal Democrats to get new laws through.

Long queues

Polling night was quite a busy night, with many people unable to cast their vote.

In some areas people were turned away from polling stations on Thursday night.

The deadline for voting was 10pm but in some places the queues were so long that voters couldn't get inside in time.

The police had to be called at some polling stations because people were so angry.