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Last Updated: Friday May 07 2010 06:29 GMT

Huge baby rhino arrives at zoo

Samir the rhino

A baby rhino has made the long journey from Germany to Scotland in a cage so he can help preserve his species.

Samir is an Indian rhino, which are a 'vulnerable' animal because there are only 2,575 of them left in the world.

The young rhino is only 18 months old, but he already weighs a whopping two-and-a-half tonnes.

It was a bit of a challenge moving him because rhinos are so heavy and can be dangerous, but luckily his journey to Edinburgh Zoo went without a hitch.

"I'm glad to say that Samir arrived safely at Edinburgh Zoo and has already started to explore his surroundings much to the delight of our visitors," said Sue Gaffing, from the zoo.

Samir in his cage
Samir in his cage

Samir will take part in a breeding programme there, to help conserve his kind.

There used to be many thousands of Indian rhinos in the wild, but hunting, poaching and losing the natural environment they live in, has gradually threatened their numbers.