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Last Updated: Thursday May 06 2010 13:17 GMT

In pics: Wildlife in danger from oil spill

Breton islands

As the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico spreads, lots of people are worried about the effects on local wildlife.

Oyster catcher

The oil spill is creeping closer to the cost of Louisiana, which is home to marsh land and beaches where wildlife like this little oyster catcher can be found.

Sea turtle

Lots of sea turtles also come to the area at this time of year to lay their eggs.


Scientists want to stop the oil from reaching the area where birds like this heron make their nests.

Sperm whale

Sperm whales also live in the Gulf of Mexico where the oil leak started and scientists say they could be at risk if they swim through the oil.


This dolphin was spotted swimming near the leak. Many others like to swim in the sea nearby.

Breton sounds

These wetlands are home to lots of wildlife. If the oil spill reaches the shore experts are worried that the animals won't have anywhere else to go.