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Last Updated: Thursday May 06 2010 06:05 GMT

Spurs are in the Champions League

Spur's players celebrate

Tottenham Hotspur have qualified for the Champions League for the first time after beating rivals Manchester City 1-0 on Wednesday night.

Both sides have been competing for fourth place in the Premier League, which guarantees entry to Europe.

A win for City would have meant waiting until the last game of the season on Saturday to settle things.

But a goal eight minutes from time from Spurs' striker Peter Crouch means it's the London side who have qualified.

It's thought getting into the Champions League is worth between £30-£50m because of all the money teams get for things like TV coverage and sponsorship.

Rags to riches

It's been a remarkable turnaround for Spurs over the past 18 months.

When manager Harry Redknapp took over they were bottom of the Premier League and facing relegation.

After Wednesday's game he was left soaking as his celebrating players threw a huge bucket of water over him.

He wasn't too cross with them saying: "I've got to take it on the chin tonight, not a problem."

Roberto Mancini
City manager Mancini isn't sure if he will have a job at the end of the season

But it's an uncertain future for Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini.

When he was given the manager's job he was told his aim for the season was to get into the Champions League.

He could face the sack for failing to qualify.

City will now play in Europe's other cup, the Europa League.