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Last Updated: Friday May 14 2010 10:29 GMT

Are you sitting your Sats?

Children sitting exams

All 10 and 11-year-olds in England are supposed to be starting their Sats on Monday, but will YOU be?

Loads of your teachers have voted not to take part in them, which means many of you won't have to take the tests.

This is because some teachers don't agree with Sats and think they put too much pressure on kids and schools.

But will YOU be taking YOUR Sats this week?

Do you WANT to sit them after all your work? Or will you be happy to SKIP them?

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Your comments

"I have done my Sats. They were kind of easy but I don't see the point in them because you'll probably forget the stuff that teachers teach you! Oh well, at least I got them over and done with!"

Jasmnei, 10, Devon, England

"We've got no Sats but still loads of tests!"

Non, 11, Powys, Wales

"No, but I will be doing them in a week. My sister is though. Good luck to all of you doing them!"

Claire, 12, Margate, England

"Boring, but it's not my choice to do. Breakfast Club at school is awesome. Did well in English, spellings and reading but I don't know! Sat's all week and two science papers Friday! Good luck to Year 6, THEY NEED IT!"

Natasha, 11, Grimsby, England

"Finished them yesterday!!"

Jake, 8, Nottinghamshire, England

"Just finished Sats this morning, they were sooooooo easy. Thought they'd be harder as we have been practising more than we needed."

Kimberley, 11, London, England

"In my school we are doing Sats non-stop! I so wish we could be one of the schools that don't do them! I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM!"

Grace, 8, London, England

"I cannot believe how easy they were. I also did last year's to revise, but they were much harder!"

Irfaan, 11, Leicester, England

"I am too old for Sats as I am in secondary school but I did them last year. It's so unfair that I was one of the last years!! I thought they were a bit of a waste of time as we had spent two terms revising and then they turned out to be something really easy which we could have done anyway."

Ada, 11, London, England

"I have mock GCSE's instead. On Thursday I have a Maths exam that lasts for three hours! Good luck to anyone doing exams this week!"

Pippa, 14, London, England

"I'm sitting Sats this week. They're not as hard as I thought they would be. Only one more left, then cinema on Friday!!"

Daisy, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"I have sat my Sats and I wanted to, because we get to do lots of great stuff afterwards!"

Joanne, 11, Birmingham, England

"I am taking my Sats and have found them easy so far!! I do agree with them as it is a good way to test you at the end of primary school - and it will help you see what it is like in exams."

Zara, 10, London, England

"We are doing our Sats but I don't want to do them because I will get worried."

Sophie, 11, Hull, England

"I'm taking my Sats this week and in my opinion, other kids should learn to take the pressure, especially if you're in Year 6 or over."

Isaac, 8, Hertfordshire, England

"We are still sitting them but they are not too bad. I would prefer not to sit them. The best thing is that we get treats after and no homework!"

Demi, 11, Ipswich, England

"Yep, still having same the boring tests in the same boring way!"

Jacob, 11, Somerset, England

"Yes I am. I found the comprehension easy, the writing OK, the maths is hard and the science is still to come."

Georgie, 11, Kent, England

"We are sitting our Sats at the moment and I think that they're helping me prepare for future tests like GCSEs."

Sinead, 11, Kent, England

"The Sats are quite cool because after they're finished my school said we won't be getting any homework! YAY!"

Joseph, 11, Kent, England

"I don't like Sats because there is too much hard work. I know it is to do with your secondary school but it's awful because there's a lot of pressure on you to succeed."

Shabana, 11, London, England

"I'm fine with the Sats, it's just all the hard revision for a couple of tests!"

Amber, 10, Manchester, England

"I have taken Sats this week. So far they have been quite easy and I think they are a good thing!"

Morgan, 11, Kent, England

"I dislike the Sats, they put too much pressure on you!"

Hannah, 8, Wirral, England

"I think that it is wrong to put kids under so much pressure."

Hannah, 10, Hull, England

"Sats are a bad thing because they put kids like me under pressure."

Jaylen, 11, Manchester, England

"I feel alright sitting my Sats, we have already done ours! Just our maths left and they were easy. On Friday it's PAARRTTY day!"

Anisah, 11, Rochdale, England

"My school do not have Sats and I am so happy because I get stressed."

Molly, 9, Cornwall, England

"Sats have been very easy. I felt a little bit stressed out but it was OK!"

Rahma, 11, Bristol, England

"I think Sats are actually quite good because you want to know at the end of your primary school year how you have progressed. We have done Sats and they aren't that hard, well, they weren't for me."

Melissa, 11, Stoke, England

"I have Sats this week. I heard about them not being done in some schools but didn't really want them to stop in our school as we have worked so hard for them! They aren't that bad after all!"

Rachel, 11, West Lancashire, England

"I thought Sats were going to be scary but they weren't as bad as I thought!"

Danielle, 11, London, England

"I think Sats are a bit pointless because they get you so worked up that you have sleepless nights the week before."

Millie, 10, Manchester, England

"I sat my reading test today and it wasn't too bad. Tomorrow, in my opinion, they are putting too much pressure on us because we are doing our longer writing test, our shorter writing test and our spelling all in three hours!"

Ella, 11, Norfolk, England

"They should have to do them because I had to do them last year."

Tara, 12, Hampshire, England

"I think Sats are just a bit pointless because my big sister says that most high schools don't really look at your Sats results. They do their own tests to survey what your doing."

Holly, 10, Cheshire, England

"We started ours today. I actually enjoy the maths and writing ones but the science and reading comprehension are boring. We've been working so hard all year, it would be a shame if we didn't do them."

Niamh, 11, County Durham, England

"I've already sat my first Sats test today and to be honest, I didn't find them that difficult and there isn't much pressure on you. I don't see why most schools are boycotting the them as you've been working so hard for them! Our teachers have been putting a lot of work and time into our practices, even after school sessions, so it shows that these tests are important. Don't stress about it!!"

Bethany, 11, Newcastle, England

"We don't do Sats in Ireland. Instead, we do these big tests at the end of the year called Drumcondra tests and we're doing ours next week."

Maeve, 11, Co. Kildare, Ireland

"I have Sats this week. The only good thing is that we get sweets after it!!"

Harry, 10, Cumbria, England

"My school are sitting Sats, which I am disappointed about because I heard a rumour that we weren't. I find it very stressful, although we do get extra treats which keeps us motivated!"

Katy, 11, Leeds, England

"I'm taking the tests and I'm a bit scared. I like these tests to show my teachers just how clever I am, but I don't want to do these tests because they are nerve racking!"

Yasmin, 11, London, England


Louis, 10, London, England

"A lot of children were being picked on about what results they would get by other students, but thankfully the tests aren't as serious as the real Sats and many children don't feel as much pressure."

Abigail, 10, Northampton, England

"I wasn't at all stressed in my Sats, as my teacher let us come in early for breakfast and games in class!!! I wasn't worried anymore after that."

Isabel, 11, Rochdale, England

"We still have Sats, they are OK but they are stressful!"

Isabella, 9, Bristol, England

"I did my Sats a year ago and I think it is unfair that I had to do them and others don't. I did my best because I want to have a great future and a good job. I want to be a teacher and as soon as I become one I PROMISE that I will bring the Sat's back!"

Ola, 12, Gloucester, England

"I have Sats for one week, they are so easy and I am glad we have them."

Paige, 11, Staffordshire, England

"My school started our Sats tests today and I am glad my headteacher didn't boycott them because me and my class have been studying for them for weeks."

Jessica, 10, Bristol, England

"I don't think we should do Sats because people get stressed, but we have been studying endlessly for months which was also stressful and that's partly why I wanted to them otherwise we'd have been put under pressure for basically nothing!"

Millie, 11, West Midlands, England

"I think Sats are awesome, are great fun and I have worked hard for them from day one in Year 6. SO DO NOT abolish the Sats!!"

Ella, 11, Yorkshire, England

"I did the reading paper test yesterday and it was very HARD!! I think I'll get a level 5 for that, but I am not that sure about my maths?!"

Nura, 11, London, England

"We are doing Sats this year but we are not doing science."

Elliemae, 8, Leicester, England

"Well I sat mine two years ago and I didn't find them that bad. Everyone does them and Sats is just a different name for tests. There is nothing in them that you haven't learnt so I think that they are OK."

Katie, 12, Scarborough, England

"My school is doing Sats!"

Sukhjit, 11, Oxford, England

"I am upset about not doing Sat's because we are doing assessments anyway! Why not make them Sat's?!"

Niamh, 11, Derby, England

"Sat's are so boring, what good does it do for us? My sister said it doesn't make a blind bit of difference when you get to secondary school, so why are they here?!"

Darius, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"I think they should just get rid of Sats because it puts you under a lot of pressure! I am on my second day of doing Sats. My teacher pushed me so much I think my head is going to explode!"

Yazmin, 10, London, England

"We aren't doing Sat's! Got away from all the stress! I feel sorry for children who do have Sat's."

Miltyanna, 11, Stevenage, England

"Yes!!! Our school boycotted Sat's this year. Apparently they are an unreliable and stressful way of examining children's progress. I'm overjoyed!!! Sorry if you are unfortunate enough to be doing Sat's this year."

Betsy, 11, Essex, England

"I have to sit my Sat's and I have been really nervous and I have had a cold, which made it harder to do the questions!"

Emma, 10, Yorkshire, England

"This week we are not doing Sat's because my head teacher decided to boycott them from our school. She did this because the Sat's results levels aren't their real levels because some children get stressed and don't do their best. I am soooo glad that I don't have to do them!"

Nafeesa, 11, Nottingham, England

"Yeah! We had an art test today and we are continuing tomorrow! Argh! We've already had what we call starter tests or prep tests and they were hard enough! I wish that our school was one of the few that didn't agree with Sats!"

Laura, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"I think Sat's are good because it is achieving something and I've been practicing a lot!!"

Megan, 11, Oxford, England

"I had to do my first Sat's paper today and it went OK. I wouldn't say it was too hard, but it wasn't easy. It was the reading paper and it was about Gold. I was glad to be doing it as we've put in so much hard work to revise this year."

Megan, 11, Leicester, England

"I have started Sat's this week but they are so boring! We should ban them forever."

Amy, 9, Wigan, England

"When I was in Year 6, Sat's weren't a stressful thing. I don't really see why so many teachers are apparently complaining that it's too much stress. As long as the students aren't being overly pressured, I don't think Sat's are anything to worry about. It's good to have a practice at what it is going to be like in years to come in preparation for GCSE's etc, otherwise it will be quite a shock to the system, even more so than it is now."

Meesha, 14, Devon, England

"I am. We have been practising since Christmas. It's been constant and I think that it is OK."

Rebecca, 11, Surrey, England

"I had the day off for the election but I still have to sit Sat's. Unfair!"

Hollie, 12, West Midlands, England

"I have done the Sat's. They are hard but I think if some people have done them then EVERYONE should do them!!"

Rebecca, 12, Derbyshire, England

"I think that not doing Sats is a good thing because I had to do them and they didn't mean anything. It would have made no difference if I hadn't done them."

Lauren, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"I had to sit the Sats last year and they were not as bad as everybody says. Also, I got biscuits, it gave you something to look forward to after the tests!"

Jenny, 12, London, England

"My school are not doing Sats this year and I am so happy about it! Good luck to anyone doing Sats or other exams this week!"

Louise, 11, Surrey, England

"Sadly, my school has not stopped Sats so my class and I are still having to do them. I really hope I get good grades because I have been working so hard!"

Charlotte, 11, Gloucestershire, England

"We sat our first exam today and we have worked extremely hard all year. It would be a shame if we did not sit them."

Jasmin, 11, Leicester, England

"The key is to keep calm and feel like its a lesson. I did it today, I was nervous but I found it so easy!"

Amy, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"I think that children shouldn't take Sats but the teachers should tell the school what levels we are at!"

Jeanne, 11, Liverpool, England

"We don't have to do Sats but we have to do a long and short writing assessment. Some people have to do a maths assessment as well as the writing ones!"

Josie, 11, Brighton, England

"I'm sitting them today and the rest of the week but I am glad unlike others. We have been revising and it would be a waste. Plus if we didn't do the Sats there would be no Sats party! Our whole class wants them to go ahead mainly because of the party."

Georgie, 10, Liverpool, England

"I have to do my Sats this week. I don't like them, all they are for is to make the schools look good."

Abigayle, 11, England

"At our school we only have to do the English tests!"

Natalie, 10, Leicester, England

"I'm so happy we're not doing Sats but the teachers are still assessing. Arghh."

Khadija, 11, London, England

"We do have to do Sats this week, but so far they've gone OK."

Becky, 11, Yorkshire, England

"I am doing the Sats next week and I think they put you under a lot of pressure, but in Year 6 you work so hard for them it would be a shame if you had to stop now after all the effort you put into them!"

Caitlin, 11, Cheshire, England

"Since September my year has been constantly taking practice Sats. We haven't been told we are boycotting them. I want to sit them as we have put in lots of effort and time revising. I think that if schools decide not to take the test they should decide in September, not the week before the exams take place."

Eilidh, 10, York, England

"I think that we should not have Sats due to the fact that it puts too much pressure on us and sometimes we have sleepless nights thinking about them 24/7. Also we should enjoy our childhood as we are only young and should not be put under so much stress. We sometimes even feel low-self esteem, thinking if I get a low mark people will bully me. Finally, some teachers label us by our results whereas they should label us by our overall learning!!"

Salima, 11, London, England

"I'm doing my Sats next week and I'm glad of it. There has to be something you have to do at the end of primary school, something to show you've really grown up and matured. Something like Sats. It gives you a taster of what to expect for your GCSEs and when you find out your results then you have targets to aim for and you can feel proud of yourself for going through that hard week. Those who aren't doing Sats don't have anything to show for all those years in primary school. Sats should stay!!"

Alexandrina, 11, London, England

"All year, all of my fellow pupils were panicking and stressing about how the Sats will affect their grade. But just last week we were sent into our head teacher's room and told that our school was not participating in the tests. When we found out, we were both happy and disappointed because, first, it took all our stress away. But then throughout the year we were working so HARD for the Sats and now they're gone. But, when we went back into our classroom our teacher said that all the hard work did still mean something to us. So, at the end, we were happy that the sats were abolished!"

Saim, 11, London, England