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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04 2010 14:31 GMT

In pics: US oil spill

Radar map of oil spill

Oil has been gushing into the sea since an oil rig exploded and sank off the coast of Louisiana on 22 April.

Workers laying a boom

Lots of people are working really hard to try to stop the oil from reaching the US coastline. One way is to use inflatable barriers to try to stop it spreading.

Boat laying boom

So far they've laid over 40 miles of the special barrier to try to contain the oil spill.

The Pollution Control Dome

Workers are building a massive funnel which they're planning to lower onto the leaky pipe and then pump the oil into special boats.

Oil on water

Oil spills are really hard to control as they spread quickly and can change direction fast. It's thought up to 5,000 barrels worth are leaking into the sea every day.

Seagull catching a fish

Oil can be deadly to animals. Louisiana nature reserves are home to lots of wildlife and there are worries that the oil will cause a lot of damage.


Dead fish have been found on nearby beaches and experts are trying to find out if they had been affected by the oil.

Shrimp farmer

Fisherman are also worried that the oil will damage their business. They are trying to sell as much as they can before the oil spill gets worse.

Turtle on beach

Louisiana is home to lots of sea turtles which are endangered. Scientists are working hard to try to protect them from the oil.