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Last Updated: Friday April 30 2010 12:29 GMT

In pics: Meet wildlife park's very tall baby

Nsia the baby giraffe

This is Nsia, a baby Rothschild giraffe, born at Marwell Wildlife Park in April.

Nsia the baby giraffe

The Rothschild giraffe can be identified by their white socks (as seen here on Nsia). They are an endangered species of giraffe - it's thought there are only 600 left in the wild.

Nsia the baby giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. Nsia was already 1.8 metres tall when she was born.

Nsia the baby giraffe

But Nsia has a long way to go to catch up to her mother, Matilda, who towers over her at over 4 metres tall.

Nsia the baby giraffe

Hey Nsia, it's rude to stick your tongue out! But we still think you're cute!

Nsia the baby giraffe

Park manager Ian Goodwin said: We are all excited by the birth of Nsia, a pure bred Rothschild giraffe and hope Nsia's arrival will bring many more."


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