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Last Updated: Friday April 30 2010 04:45 GMT

In pics: The rare fox cubs with big ears

Fennec foxes

Rare fox cub triplets have been born at Drusillas Park Zoo in East Sussex. Here is one of them with its mother.

Fennec foxes

They are called fennec foxes and usually live in the Sahara desert in North Africa.

Fennec foxes

They may look like kittens but these cubs are actually members of the dog family.

Fennec foxes

And their oversized ears will grow up to 15cm long.

Fennec foxes

The cubs are rare because in the wild fennec foxes are threatened by hunting and the pet trade.

Fennec foxes

It's lunch time for the triplets! Zoo manager Sue Woodgate said: "I'm absolutely thrilled with the new arrivals."


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