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Last Updated: Wednesday April 28 2010 18:30 GMT

Girl survives jellyfish attack

A box jellyfish
Rachael was stung by a box jellyfish like this one

A schoolgirl in Australia has amazed doctors after surviving a sting by a deadly box jellyfish.

10-year-old Rachael was stung when swimming in a river near her home in the state of Queensland.

Experts reckon she is probably the first person to survive such a bad sting.

Box jellyfish are one of the world's deadliest creatures because of their powerful venom. They can kill a human within minutes.

Rachael was stung last December when the slimy creature wrapped its tentacles around her legs.

Her brother Sam managed to pull her out of the water, before she passed out. She said she couldn't see or breathe.

Miracle escape

As she was rushed to hospital, her heart stopped and her dad had to perform emergency first aid to keep her alive.

Incredibly, Rachael survived and after six weeks, she was allowed to return home.

Rachael still has some scarring on her legs and she has a little trouble remembering things. But her family say she's just happy to be alive.