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Last Updated: Thursday April 29 2010 10:02 GMT

PICTURES: Ore visits Iceland's erupting volcano

Ore at the airport

Ore arrives in Iceland to investigate the massive volcano that has caused chaos across Europe. He had to fly to the wrong airport though, because of the ash cloud.

Ore filming

He was there filming a Newsround special called Eruptions and Disruptions. It's all about the volcano and the effects it had on children in Iceland, and the rest of the world.

Ore at the weather centre

Here's Ore at Iceland's main weather centre, where experts have been monitoring the volcano, the ash, and whether there could be any more eruptions

The volcano

This is the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano that started all the trouble. Ore was a bit gutted when he got here because the clouds were so thick you could hardly see it.

Ore in a mask

When they trekked to the bottom of the volcano, Ore and the Newsround team chose to wear special masks so they didn't breathe in too much volcanic ash


Here's Ore preparing for some filming with the Newsround crew

Ore with the lump of ice

This is one of Ore's most interesting finds on the trip. It's a massive lump of ice that was blasted out of the glacier on top of the volcano. Some of them flew more than a mile away!

Town at base of volcano

Ore went to meet children who live in this small town at the base of the volcano. Their lives have been pretty disrupted since it erupted.


This snow there is usually pure white. But now it's grey because of all the ash.


These are naturally-occurring geysers, which feature all over Iceland. Natural forces build up under the Earth and then burst the water out of these holes in the ground.


This force is similar to what causes earthquakes - only they are on a much bigger scale!

Ore with wild horses

There are wild horses and ponies everywhere in Iceland. Even in this thick winter jacket, Ore said he was still freezing, yet these horses were cosy and warm.


Time to go home now, but there's just time for Ore to draw the Newsround logo in the ash...


What a brilliant, but tiring trip! Ore is exhausted on the way home.