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Last Updated: Monday April 26 2010 16:14 GMT

Poison fear for sick schoolgirls

Poisoning fear at Afghanistan schools

It's thought that more than 80 girls who've fallen ill at school in Afghanistan may have been poisoned.

Over the past week, dozens of children at three schools in the north of the country have complained of feeling dizzy and sick.

They also told teachers they'd noticed a strange smell in their classroom.

It's thought the girls may have been targeted by groups who don't think girls living in Afghanistan should be educated at school.

Experts are still carrying out tests to find out exactly what caused the girls to get sick, but thankfully none of them are seriously ill and it's hoped they'll be back in school soon.

Extremist groups

Some people think the Taliban may be responsible.

The Taliban used to control most of Afghanistan until troops from Britain and other countries invaded nine years ago. They've been fighting each other ever since.

The Taliban and other extremist groups have been known to target schoolgirls before as they don't think they should be allowed to go to school.