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Last Updated: Tuesday April 27 2010 04:47 GMT

'Recycled' cat rescued from rubbish

Alfie, shortly after being tipped out of the recycling truck

A cat who was accidentally 'recycled' has been reunited with his owners.

Alfie was discovered by workers at a recycling centre in Scotland when a lorry that had been collecting in Kirknewton tipped out its load.

The terrified tom cat tumbled out among the mattresses and fridges covered in dust and dirt, but luckily wasn't hurt.

Alfie's owners said he didn't normally leave the house so they were surprised when he disappeared, but they're very relieved to have him home again.

Mr and Mrs Cranston said they'd left an old mattress outside to be collected by the council and think Alfie may have jumped into the recycling truck for a ride.

Alfie the cat after his recycling drama
Alfie was a bit bruised and very scared after his ordeal, but is recovering well

"We were so worried, and beginning to think that we'd never see him again when my husband spotted Alfie's picture in the paper," Mrs Cranston said.

"We're just delighted to have him home with us. He's in need of a bath, but he's still very scared at the moment, so we'll leave the shampoo and set until he's had a chance to settle in."

The Scottish SPCA animal charity, who came to Alfie's rescue, said: "It's so rewarding to be able to reunited Alfie with his owners, particularly after he's had such a frightening ordeal."