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Last Updated: Friday April 23 2010 18:47 GMT

New Doctor is clumsy, says TV boss

Matt Smith as the Doctor

Matt Smith, the new star of Doctor Who, is really clumsy and is always breaking things on set, says the show's boss.

Lead writer Steven Moffat reckons that Matt is a different Doctor to David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston.

"Both Chris and David were quite cool Doctors, and while Matt certainly isn't short on cool, he has an amazing clumsiness," Steven said on a BBC blog.

There's even an incident in this weekend's episode which started out as Matt having an accident on set.

Matt's Doctor is seen dangling from a ceiling, hanging onto a strap, which then breaks and he falls to the floor.

Karen with Matt Smith on set
Karen with Matt Smith on set

"The very first time Matt did it, it was an accident - he wasn't supposed to do that, it's just typical Matt, breaking everything - but the director liked it, so he kept it in," Steven said.

"The version we see on screen isn't the real accident, it's him doing it on purpose, but I do think it is very funny."

'Terrible plan'

A Weeping Angel
A Weeping Angel

This weekend's show is a two-parter and sees the return of the Weeping Angels - one of Steven Moffat's own monster creations from a previous series.

But he insists the feel of these episodes is very different - and that viewers have few scary shocks in store as the Angels have a "terrible plan" in mind.