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Last Updated: Friday April 23 2010 15:10 GMT

In pics: New wildlife found in Borneo

Lungless frog

This frog is one of 123 new species recently discovered on an island in Asia called Borneo. The frog doesn't have lungs and breathes through his skin!

Kopstein's Bronzeback snake

Check out this Kopstein's Bronzeback snake (Dendrelaphis kopsteini) - when it gets angry, its neck flares and goes bright orange!

World's longest stick insect

Here's the world's longest stick insect (Phobaeticus chani). It grows up to half a metre long. Only three of these have been found!

Flying frog 1

If you saw this frog (Rhacophorus penanorum) during the day, it would look like this...

Flying frog 2

...but at night, it changes colour! The amphibian's talents don't end there - it can also fly, thanks to its webbed feet and skin flaps.

Long-tailed slug

Male long-tailed slugs (Ibycus rachelae) are nicknamed 'ninja' slugs - they make 'love darts' from chemicals and shoot them at female slugs to mate with them.

Eigh-banded barb

This eight-banded barb (Eirmotus insignis) is one of 17 new fish found in the area.