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Last Updated: Monday April 26 2010 17:20 GMT

What's your favourite pizza topping?

A locust and a pizza

A cafe owner in Australia has come up with an unusual pizza topping - locusts!

There are huge swarms of the creepy crawlies in his town, so he thought he'd make good use of them and cook them up in his food.

So that got us thinking - what's YOUR fave pizza topping?

Do you like traditional things like mushrooms or chicken?

Or do you prefer weird combinations like chocolate or banana?

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Your comments

"My favourite is a normal margherita pizza with some sweetcorn, onion and peppers!"

Suzanne, 14, Herts, England

"I'm a pretty boring person so I would prefer eating plain cheese and tomato! The locust idea sounds really gross."

Saz, 12, Surrey, England

"I like cheese and chocolate on pizza. It's lovely, yum, yum, yum."

Courtney, 12, Manchester, England

"Just cheese and tomato!"

Simran, 10, West Midlands, England

"I think that locusts are definitely a weird topping but who am I to judge?"

Millie, 9, London, England

"I love cheese and tomato- yum!"

Mollie, 12, Liverpool, England

"Salami pizza is my favourite!"

Bart, 14, North Brabant

"I like chocolate, cheese, sausages, Parma ham, bell peppers, corn and cheese crust."

Francois, 10, Hong Kong

"My favourite topping is just cheese with ketchup but cheese, ham and ketchup is alright too."

Roksana, 10, Scotland

"I like yoghurt and tomato!"

Lilly, 13, London, England

"Mine is cheese, tomato sauce, peppers, olives and mushrooms."

Zara, 12, London, England

"I've got to admit I love peanut and jam with a little bit of mustard on my pizza!"

Eleanor, 11, Sheffield, England

"Locusts are actually quite nice. I like chilli, chocolate and herbs on my pizza."

Farhana, 11, Birmingham, England

"Margherita with black olives."

Jennifer, 9, London, England

"I don't like unusual pizza toppings. They hurt my stomach."

Duan, 10, Foshan, China

"Just a normal pepperoni pizza would do me!"

Lydia, 11, Shropshire, England

"I pretty much eat any type of food especially salami and jalapenos. I used to live in Ukraine before I moved to the UK before moving to the USA, so i have had a real taster of the different toppings out there. The locust idea sounds delicious, I would definitely try it!!"

Erykah, 14, Louisiana, USA

"I like macaroni and strawberry!"

Margaret, 12, Birmingham, England

"I am a vegetarian so I like tomato, pineapple, sweetcorn and onions on my pizza."

Jegasaini, 13, London, England

"I like meat balls and cheese on my spectacular pizza!"

Zahra, 11, London, England

"My favourite topping for a pizza is cheese, cheese and more cheese! Basically, I LOVE CHEESE!"

Eevjah, 9, Plymouth, England

"I love margherita with peppers! YUM YUM!"

Rabiat, 13, Calais, France

"Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Yum... Oh no, now I want a pizza so badly!"

Niamh, 11, Derbyshire, England

"I love spicy chicken and sweetcorn but my fave is chocolate-covered pizza."

Emma, 12, East Sussex, England

"I like jam and cheese."

Chloe, 11, Norfolk, England

"My fave topping is chocolate and chillies, mmmmm lovely!"

Blake, 8, Bournemouth, England

"My favourite pizza topping would be tomato, ham and cheese, especially when the cheese is stringy and sizzling hot. YUMMY!"

Amy, 10, Finistere, France

"Mine is cheese and tomato and some olives."

Wilf, 7, London, England

"Personally I wouldn't go to a restaurant knowing they used locusts in their food. My favourite topping would be pepperoni and cheese."

Louise, 8, Staffordshire, England

"My fave toppings are pepperoni, cheese, red pepper, ham and pineapple! Quite an odd mixture."

Katie, 13, Kent, England


Hatty, 12, Gloucestershire, England

"My topping is chicken with BBQ sauce, really yummy!"

Sian, 11, Birmingham, England

"Chicken and tomato sauce, NO cheese!"

Holly, 11, Cheshire, England

"My fave flavour is the usual tomato and cheese."

Alice, 13, Hertfordshire, England

"I love cheese and tomato pizza or cheese and ham!"

Siobhan, 10, Stockport, England

"I like to have pineapple and sweetcorn on mine, yummy."

Isabelle, 11, Somerset, England

"I like cheese and ham on my pizza!"

Emma, 12, Kent, England

"Garlic, double cheese and roast rabbit."

Joshie, 6, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I love very spicy vegetarian but I wouldn't mind some chocolate to sweeten the taste!"

Midhusa, 13, London, England

"My favourite topping is pepperoni and the pizza with spinach and chicken! Yum I fancy pizza right now!"

Tahlia, 9, London, England

"OK, this may be weird but my favourite topping on a pizza is cheese, tomato sauce, apple sauce, pepperoni and anchovies... Yummy huh?"

Daisy, 13, London, England

"When I went to France, I had frogs on my pizza and it tasted really nice, I want to have it again!"

Ramsha, 11, London, England

"I always love to have chocolate sauce on my pizza and sometimes even have yoghurt."

Jasmine, 10, Manchester, England

"I put crisps on my pizza."

Vanisha, 13, London, England

"Pepperoni and mushrooms with cheese and tomato."

Anna, 11, London, England

"I don't think they should be eating the locusts because how would you feel if you were going to be put on a pizza? Anyway on sweet pizzas I like caramel sauce and on savoury I like nothing, just plain cheese and tomato."

Laura, 11, Norwich, England

"Ham, mushrooms and olives."

Chris, 8, London, England

"Chicken, sweetcorn and lots of double cheese, YUMMY!"

Saffron, 10, Telford, England

"I like pepperoni. I love pizzas but I'm not too sure about locusts!"

Bridget, 12, Staffordshire, England

"My fave topping is plain old cheese and tomato."

Emily, 11, Derbyshire, England

"I love pineapple, tomato, pepperoni and ham! Trust me its great."

Rochelle, 12, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I really love cheese and bacon on my pizza. It is making me hungry to even think of it!"

Sophie, 12, Kent, England

"I just prefer plain: cheese and tomato."

Gareth, 12, Exeter, England

"I have had a marshmallow, chicken, salami, ham and pineapple pizza. It was unusually nice!"

Nina, 11, York, England

"I love ham and pineapple and cheese. I think it is DELICIOUS!"

Maeve, 11, County Kildare, Ireland

"My fave pizza has cheese, tomato, mushrooms and ham on it. Yummy!"

Amy, 14, Rochdale, England

"Cheese and cherry tomatoes, yummy in my tummy!"

Nicole, 6, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"My favourite pizza topping is pineapple, chilli and sweetcorn."

Liya, 9, London, England

"My favourite topping on pizza is chocolate."

Amy, 11, Surrey, England

"I like pineapple, pepperoni and cheese."

Connor, 13, Surrey, England

"My fave topping is onions, pineapple and ham."

Emma, 10, Manchester, England

"I love pepperoni and ham with a few olives - simple but delicious! You can't get better."

Helena, 11, Surrey, England

"I'm boring and only like cheese and tomato but I always wonder what it would be like to have chocolate on pizza... Dream come true."

Carys, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I like sweetcorn and chicken with salami - because I did it at school."

Aquila, 12, Surrey, England

"Hi, my fav pizza topping is - I like just about everything."

Connie, 7, Birmingham, England

"Spicy chicken, cheese, sweetcorn, tuna."

Francis, 12, Oxfordshire, England

"BBQ Chicken with chilli sauce."

Bethan, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"My favourite pizza topping is marmite, jam and chilli sauce."

Tommy, 10, Colchester, England

"Salmon, sprouts and crisps."

George, 11, Gosport, England

"I like rice pizza. It has rice, tomatoes, cheese, and chillies."

Amy, 11, Cheshire, England

"Sounds gross but I LOVE spam and pickle on my pizza!"

Moira, 9, London, England

"Italian sausage, onions and pepperoni rocks."

Heather, 12, USA

"Mine is ham and cheese."

Charlie, 11, Sible Hedingham, England

"I love pepperoni, chicken, cheese and ham :) yum!"

Lois, 11, Bedford, England

"I love the usual - tuna, cheese and tomato. YUMMY!!!!!!!"

Faduma, 11, London, England

"I love ham and pineapple pizza! But I couldn't eat locusts!"

Bex, 12, Nantwich, England

"Black olives, sweetcorn and lots of mozzarella!!!"

Zoe, 12, London, England

"I'm a vegetarian and my favourite pizza is margerita."

Megan, 11, Leicester, England

"Ham and pineapple - yummy!"

Jodie, 10, Cheshire, England

"My favourite topping is cheese, tomato and pineapple!!!"

Abbie, 11, Tamworth, UK

"Ham and pineapple =Yum :)"

Tom, 11, Manchester, England

"My fave pizza topping is sweetcorn, peppers, onions and chicken. It's YUM!!!"

Dolly, 11, Rochester, England

"Ham and mushroom! You can't get better than that!"

Anna, 11, England

"I like a ton of things! Like tuna and salami and olives, cheese... and even a German ingredient which is raw meat and raw eggs. It is really delicious!"

Twig, 11, Russelesheim, Germany

"My fave pizza is pepperoni because everything about it is fan-fab-ee-dosie and I think that the locust pizza sounds absolutely horrible. I would not like to be the first one to try it."

Liam, 9, Abernethy, Scotland

"I like lots of different ingredients including garlic, oregano, tomato and cheese."

Ellie, 13, Suffolk, England

"I am plain and boring and I don't like anything except cheese on my pizza."

Bethany, 9, Denton, England

"My favourite pizza is margarita mmmm, but I think it would be great to have crisps on a pizza yuum."

Soraya, 11, London, England

"My favourite topping for a pizza is spicy mince meat. It is the stuff I normally put in tacos. I stayed over at my friends house before and we made our own pizzas. The night before she had had tacos and some of the meat was left over. So she refrigerated it and the next day we used it on our pizzas. it was really yummy."

Ellie, 12, East Grinstead, England

"It might sound really nasty but mint jelly and chicken is really nice."

Tim, 14, Birmingham, England

"I love radish, pineapple and apricots!! Another favourite combination is chillies and mince!"

Lily, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I am just plain and boring so I like mushroom and onions!!"

Mariam, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"Celery... cucumber... pepper!"

Lana, 10, Oxfordshire, England