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Last Updated: Thursday April 22 2010 07:07 GMT

Travellers begin the journey home

First European flight takes to the skies

Thousands of people are slowly making their way home after the travel chaos caused by the volcanic ash in Iceland.

Most European flights are expected to take off today - but it will take days for everything to return to normal.

Tens of thousands of Britons are still stuck abroad as airlines try and clear the backlog of cancelled flights.

All flights in and out of the UK were cancelled a week ago after the the ash cloud from an erupting volcano drifted over the UK making it unsafe to travel.

Thousands of travellers are using other types of transport to get home - a brand new £500 million cruise ship has arrived in Bilbao in Spain where it will take as many people as possible home.

The Eyjafjallajoekull volcano started shooting ash and molten lava high into the air and onto a nearby glacier after being dormant for 200 years.

Scientists studying the eruption are worried the explosion could trigger a much bigger volcano to erupt close by.

Footballers could be affected

The ash cloud hasn't just caused problems for people on holiday. It's also hit the world of football too.

Fulham and Liverpool had difficult journeys ahead of their European matches this evening.

Both teams have now arrived, Fulham in Hamburg, Germany and Liverpool in Madrid in Spain.

There's now worries their long journeys could effect their performances tonight.