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Last Updated: Wednesday April 21 2010 12:16 GMT

In pics: Bulldogs in beauty contest

Homer the bulldog

Meet Homer. He's one of 49 slobbering bulldogs putting their best paws forward in the hope of winning a beautiful bulldog competition in America.

Bentley waits to be judged

The beauty contest is an annual event in Iowa as it kicks off sporting celebrations at Drake University, where their mascot is a bulldog.

Zena gets a last minute costume adjustment

The tail-wagging wannabes are dressed up in everything from tuxedos to tutus. Or in Zena's case, a bright pink dress!

Bruce, right, checks out last year's winner, Porterhouse

Competition is tough and Bruce the bulldog wasted no time in sniffing out the competition from last year's winner, Porterhouse.

Cheyenne gets a belly rub from her owner

It gets pretty competitive, but there's always time for a quick belly rub!

Allie, left and Huckleberry of Hearts, wait to take their turn on the stage

Time for a quick wash and brush up before Allie (left) and Huckleberry of Hearts strut their stuff on stage.


Meathead strikes an impressive pose in his Superman costume, but it's not enough to win.

Meatball was crowned the winner

Meatball was crowned as the ultimate winner and even got his very own throne. He'll now be the official mascot for the Drake Relays 101st track and field event.


A border terrier, called Indie


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