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Last Updated: Wednesday April 21 2010 11:23 GMT

Ricky on the road: Week three: Belfast

Ricky on the Road


Throughout the election I'll be taking you behind the scenes to show you how we film our reports.

I'll show you what goes on when Newsround hits the road, travelling across the UK, speaking to children about the election... I want to find out what really matters to you.

I'll be filming mini video blogs on my mobile phone and then posting them here, on the Newsround website.

I'd love to hear from you guys too! Let me know what you'd like to see in my vlogs, send me your questions … I'll try to answer some of them.


Day 4 - Ricky's getting ready for Friday's live broadcast. He's up on the roof of the BBC building in Belfast, it sounds pretty windy up there.

Up on the roof


Day 3 - Ricky and the team have made a friend - the Newsround Newshound. Has he got a nose for a good story?

Meet the election dog

Your comments

"Hello Ricky, I was wondering how long it took you to get to Ireland because of the planes?"

Ellie, 10, Liverpool, England

Ellie, it took us just over 24 hours to travel from Wales to Ireland... and then drive through Dublin to get to our last stop Belfast. It was pretty exhausting. Especially for the cameraman who had to drive a lot of the way. -Ricky

"Ricky you are so cool, everyone was so excited when you came to Ysgol Treganna in Cardiff!!!! "

Alex, Cardiff, Wales

Cheers Alex. We had a great time. It was brilliant to meet you all. -Ricky

"Hello, I was wondering what would you do if you were prime minister Ricky? I would put some sort of a ban on dangerous dogs as many people are in hospital each year because of them."

Kate, 11, Liverpool England

I'm not sure I would like to be prime minister. I feel quite passionately about education. I would make sure children have good schools with the latest technology and free access to places where they can learn new skills, like how to play an instrument. Good idea about the dogs by the way! -Ricky

"How's it going in Belfast? I like the Newsround remote-controlled car."

Lucy, 10, Liverpool, England

Belfast has been great. It's the third stop in our Ricky on the road tour. Feeling a bit tired now... The remote-control Newsround car is a bit battered, it almost fell into the sea at one point while we were on the ferry. -Ricky

"I think all the politics stuff is very interesting. I especially liked it when you were by that boat in Cardiff, because I went on that boat and I had the captain you were with."

Jake, 11, Hereford, England

Thanks Jake. I love Cardiff, what a cool place! -Ricky

"Hi Ricky! The day you were filming in Liverpool, by the Ferry Terminal, I saw you and wondered what you were doing! Now I know. I wanted to ask you if you are excited and if the ash cloud has affected you?"

Kate, 10, Liverpool England

"What did you see?"

Deenpal, 9, Southall, England

Deenpal... what didn't I see is the answer! I've been very busy on this tour! -Ricky


Day 3 - Ricky has escaped from the volcano travel chaos. Now he's chilling, down on the beach.

Ricky on the beach


Day 2 - Find out what happened when the Ricky on the Road team had to freestyle their route to Belfast

Ricky's getting ready to report from Belfast

The Ricky on the road team had to change our travel plans to get to Northern Ireland for the third stop in our four week election tour.

We took a ferry from Wales - along with our trusty election car - and now we're driving from Dublin in Ireland through to our final destination, Belfast which is the capital of Northern Ireland.

Phew... I'm exhausted!


Day 1 - Newsround hits the road, but volcano chaos means it could be a long journey.

Ricky on the road: volcano strikes!

This week Ricky will be in Belfast - hopefully.

The slight problem is that a volcanic eruption in Iceland means almost all UK aeroplanes are grounded!

Here's how the story starts.

Your Comments

"I think there should be a general election for children as well, because children just get left out."

Louise, 9, Lancashire, England

"We are S3 modern studies. Thank you for letting us see you on the road to the election :)"

Shannon, 14, Scotland

"I like the videos"

Ben, 13, Colchester, England

"What have you been doing, and which bit was your favourite?"

Eden, 8, Doncaster, England

My best bit of this election tour was meeting the kids in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. Being live on TV with 20 kids (who had plenty to say!) was loads of fun. -Ricky

"I hope that the next prime minister will do something about all the dog poo."

Molly, 9, Newquay, England

"How do you become a politician?"

Angharad, 11, Plymouth, England

If you're interested in becoming a politician when you're older, one of the best things to do is to start getting passionate about issues in your local area or in your school. -Ricky

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